Introduction to Online Shopping

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Since inception, online shopping concept continues to drive huge sales thanks to the convenience, efficiency and great bargains that come with bulk purchases. It allows sellers to access overseas markets as well as a variety of products. For instance, buyers can easily Oil and Gas Safety Supply's website and access the myriad of safety gear such as the work boots, safety glasses and FR clothing necessary to keep workers safe during the operations.

When it comes to such purchases, the shopping platforms allow users to make online payments with online receipts given as proof of purchase. But again, most of the sites accept the credit card mode of payment to reduce cases of fraud. Customers can shop at the comfort of his or her desk as the companies deliver at the doorstep, eliminating the need to move from one store to another in search of the protective gear. Conversely, you need to be a pro when shopping online to save time and money. Below are some of the things that everyone needs to know before engaging in online shopping.

Warranty Claiming Process

Well, most of the online platforms provide warranties that cushions against defective and low-quality products. Some warranties cover your purchases for one year while others go up to three years. However, claiming on that warranty can sometimes turn into the biggest nightmare for the first time online shoppers. For instance, if you need a product changed because it’s either faulty or not exactly what you asked for, you will have to send it back to the company. Sending a product back will cost you money for shipping and will also waste a lot of time.


An expert of online shopping always compares the prices of the protective gears across the online stores before finalizing the deal. It is not a wonder to find that a helmet goes for a lower price in another warehouse. It can land you a good deal, and you might end up saving a couple of hundreds on an individual item. Always take a few minutes to compare the prices but also check out on the quality as well as scammers. When you find that a product is way too cheap, you need to do a little more research before you end up being a victim of a scam.

Check Out for Discounts and the Best Time to Shop

The best time to shop for protective gears online is when no-one else is shopping. Most people do their shopping on weekends and sites have a tendency of hiking their prices during this period. You can shop at the beginning of the week when everyone else is busy at their workplaces, and you will get your items at a lower price. Also, you should always check out for stores that regularly offer discounts, especially when they are clearing off the old stock to bring in new products. You can just subscribe to them and get notifications when the stores are offering discounts. Additionally, do some research to know exactly when your favorite store brings in new stock, and you might buy the same product at a throw-away price.

The Delivery and Shipping Charge

When purchasing goods online, they have to be delivered to you at a fee. If you are purchasing goods from a store that is within your zone, you will pay low shipping charges than buying from overseas stores. The shipping charges are the most common undisclosed charges you face. Some platforms are not so open about their shipping costs while others have some other hidden charges within the shipping cost. Therefore, you need to be thorough when enquiring about the shipping fee. Ask if there are any custom duties on their end and also find out if you will be required to pay more money when the goods are entering your country.

Consecutively, make sure that you read the complete description of billing before making any orders and providing the store with your credit card details. It also saves a lot of money when you buy goods in bulk or purchase all items in one store and have them shipped at the same time. All shipping rates are the same, and it might cost you the same amount when shipping one item or bulky goods. Just find out what the flat rate shipping costs are and then you can place your orders.

Returns and Cancellation Policies

Online shopping can be a bit risky because you do not get the chance to verify the purchase until you make all the required payments. Again, the rules for returning an order vary from one site to another. Before making a deal with an individual store, ensure that their returns and cancellation policies are flexible because you do not want to end up with something faulty, or you did not want in the first place. Ensure that the site allows you to return the product and replaces it with another one or refunds back your mind. In general, all businesses should clearly state their policies and procedures for canceled and refunded orders to avoid frustrating their clients.

Modes of Payment

You should pay attention to the methods of payment accepted by the site. In most cases, the most common method used is the credit card governed by The Federal Fair Credit Billing Act, that protects consumers in the event of an issue. The body compensates you and also help you do a follow up on legal tussles involving fraudulent dealings by the suppliers. Other modes of payments such as debit cards and checks apply, but one needs to understand the implications of each thoroughly, before subscribing.

Consecutively, you should never give out your social security number or other personal details of the credit card to the vendors. Most sellers do not ask for any personal details, and those that ask for your information are most likely scammers. It might seem safe when online platforms make such requests with a promise not to give to third parties.

Customer Reviews

You should never skip reviews or ignore any comments made by the previous customers because it helps you determine the reputation of a store. Always go through the reviews on the protective gear you are about to purchase and also the store you are getting. It can help you determine the quality of a product, user experience, as well as the overall security of the entire purchasing and shipping process. If you are too busy to go through all the comments, you can always read those that are rated three-stars.

Pop-up Ads

It is never advisable to click on the pop-up ads because they may land you in some serious trouble. Most of the ads are dangerous, especially the phones. In most instances, customers are transferred to a spyware site, or worse, and you might also have malware automatically downloaded to your device. Again, if you try closing the pop-up ad, it may launch itself instead and cause viruses to your computer. Therefore, it is highly advisable to ignore advisable to ignore any ad that pops up while you are shopping.

Keep Track of Your Purchases

It is constantly good to guarantee that you are safe than be sorry, even when it comes to online shopping. Always ensure that you keep track of your products from the time of purchase until they get to you. You can contact the customer care and inquire how long your products will take to reach you and how safe they are. Also, you can always check with your customs department in case an issue arises. Just ensure that you never lose track of your purchases.


Michael Snyder
Michael Snyder