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Working in Hot Conditions and the PPE Required

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For the last few years, most oil companies have made huge capital investments to expand drilling and exploration activities. The expansions set the pace for the anticipated growth of the industry that aims at increasing the supply of the commodity. Whether the drills are onshore or offshore, the operations pose inherent risks to the operators who have to deal with harsh weather conditions. At offshore rigs, workers have to cope with storms, tides, strong winds, humidity and sun exposure. Onshore rigging comes with excessive heat, strong winds, moisture and extreme freezing temperatures.

Working in high temperatures is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous for the staff. As the temperature increases, the body pumps more blood to the surface of the skin hence triggering sweating that lowers internal temperatures. While the body can control substantial heat, increased exposure to hot weather causes irritation, inability to handle technical tasks and loss of focus at the rigs. As if not enough, excessive heat conditions cause illnesses such as heat rashes, cramps, syncope, edema, heat stroke and exhaustion.

It calls for the oil and gas companies to invest in heat resistant clothing that offers adequate insulation against heat and fires. Nonetheless, you need to get the right gear to avoid a situation where workers wear too much PPE, where only a few would apply. When it comes to staff protection, oil and gas safety supplies offers a myriad of FR protective gear that gives cover to the employees minimizing discomfort at work and the risks of getting ill. In case you are looking for suitable PPE for workers in hot conditions, consider the following brands:

Ariat FR Buttle Snap Shirt

Maintaining thermal comfort in the oil and gas industry is key to improving workers productivity. Often, exposure to hot conditions in oil fields may not require full gear due to a low level of risk. Nonetheless, you need to enhance comfort for the employees and perhaps increase the ease with which they carry out the tasks. The Ariat FR Buttle Snap Shirt comes in handy towards achieving a safe yet a comfortable environment.

The shirt features snap front pockets that you can use to keep small gadgets, while offering great arm flexibility to reduce fatigue. The fame-resistant fabric and the soft Twill gives ample cover against fire outbreaks without exposing your skin to excess heat. The durable fabric is also easy to clean making it suitable for the long shifts.

Ariat FR Polartec ¼ Zip Fleece Sweatshirt

While hot conditions are standard in oilrigs, the weather varies with the time of the day and perhaps the seasons. For this reason, think of protective gear that suits more than one element to reduce the need for many garments. Ariat FR Polartec ¼ Zip Fleece sweatshirt is not only flames resistant but also water-resistant. It makes it suitable for use in areas where fire explosions and water splashes are common occurrences.

The fabric composition includes 44% Viscose, 39% Modacrylic, and 3% spandex all custom designed to ensure the skin dries fast after sweating. When the cold sets in, the front hand warmer pockets prevents your hands from freezing. The contrast covers, the soft FR knit, and lightweight gear allows easy adjustments in varying conditions.

FR insulated reflective Bib Overalls

In areas with people and machine movements, reflective overalls come in handy to increase visibility hence prevent possible incidents. The overalls come with a reflective tape tied around the legs and the bibs, two chest pockets, two slanted waist pockets and two rear pockets that the wearer can use to keep fine tools and gadgets. The absence of sleeves makes it suitable for hot working stations where you can use lightweight FR shirts to complement the gear.

The flame-resistant garment is made up of 90% prima cotton and 10% nylon that lower the heating effect while drying the body after sweating. The heavy-duty two-way zippers on the aramid tape and the brass zipper on the legs help users adjust to changing weather conditions. In addition, the gear comes with elasticized shoulder straps fitted with adjustable buckles making them suitable for different user sizes.

Carhartt FR Pull Over Hooded Sweatshirt

Other than safety and the durability of the safety garments, rig workers need to feel comfortable with the kind of gear they wear. Working on a platform for 12 hours, for about 14 days is not only tedious but also uncomfortable if the staff have to bear with bad odors. Sweating is inevitable while working in rigs and hence the need for PPE that not only helps the body to dry fast but fights bad odors. It is no wonder oil and gas safety supplies recommend Carhartt FR Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt.

The hooded shirt is a great addition for your worker's safety as it features 58% cotton, 35% modacrylic, and 7% polyester. If you are working in open fields, it gives adequate protection against rainwater thanks to the water repellent finish and the adjustable draw-cord closure. The fabric comes with stretchable, spandex secure rib-knit cuffs and waistbands that eliminate the need for size variations.

Hard Hat Liners

Poor working conditions impact on the way employees make decisions and perform their tasks. Understanding the physical situation of the oil and gas industry goes a long way towards achieving higher efficiency. It starts with making the right installations control extreme weather conditions and equipping the workers to deal with possible fluctuations. In most cases, hot areas tend to experience cold nights or cold winter seasons. It Calls for multipurpose gear that protects workers against excess heat and cold when the need arises.

FR three in one Hard Hat Liner is the ultimate solution for both onshore and offshore rigs workers. It gives insulation against raging effects of heat that often penetrate the hats keeping you safe from heat stroke. In addition, the Kevlar blend, warm, lightweight fleece, and the super soft velour warm the cool caps for those working in the seas. It also features hooks and loop tabs for attachment with a down string enhancing adjustability.

Safety glasses

The human eye is made up of delicate tissues that often succumb to injury when exposed to excess physical conditions. With some of the rigs and refineries exposing personnel to high temperatures, there is a need to protect the potential injuries that may cause partial or full impairment. The discomfort of working in such condition is also hard to bear. With a full selection of safety glasses and goggles, you cannot miss a set that meets the industry requirements.

The style and the type of attachments depend on the particular functions, with some requiring more than one set. Glasses offer protection against direct heat, excess light, cold and foreign particles that cause injuries and eye infections. If you are looking for glasses, you may consider Jackson V90, Monogoggle face shield, Sector hybrid safety Google, Furix Safety Glasses and Goliath among other brands at the oil and gas safety supplies.

Ear protection

In the US, the annual death toll associated with extreme heat stands at about 600 people. Nonetheless, the number could be higher bearing the fact that it is almost impossible to associate some fatalities with heat. Just like other parts, your ears are made up of complex and delicate organs that need sufficient protection against physical damage. They are connected through nerves that communicate with other organs. It explains why ears get itchy when temperatures rise beyond the average.

Working in hot areas increases the risk of injuries and permanent dysfunction of these vital organs. For this reason, consider the ear protection equipment such as corded earplugs, ear Muffs for MSA V- Gard Cap styles and full brim hard hats, foam ear plugs and flange earplugs. 

Michael Snyder
Michael Snyder