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Top Ten Work Gloves

work gloves

Over the years, human beings have made numerous inventions that have spurred oil exploration, refinery, and distribution to high heights. It is evident in the type of technology used in oil and gas drilling and the conditions under which the activities happen. When all these happened, the hands played a crucial role in building the great exploration centers and machinery. Handling such equipment is not only difficult but also risky if the workers do not get sufficient cover on their hands.

The risk of exposure to dangerous materials does not end at the establishment as the kind of materials handled at the oilrigs poses chemical and mechanical hazards. In a sector with the highest number of accidents coming from falls and explosions, the need for protective gear takes higher precedence. In both offshore and onshore rigging, the bulk of the drilling activities involve handheld tools and machinery, which can cause injuries at the slightest occasion.

While most companies focus on complying with the industry standards on safety, an investment in high-quality gloves reduces, work related injuries and the associated costs. In a market full of safety equipment suppliers, it is possible to get cheap brands that may save you vast sums of money on bulk purchases. In most instances, cheap gloves are likely to wear faster posting the need for frequent purchases that may be expensive for your operations. For this reason, oil and gas safety supplies offer a broad range of working gloves that meet not only set requirements but also stands the test of time.

Cost is just one aspect of the gloves, hence the need for prospective buyers to understand the features that make a quality gear. The type of material that makes the equipment determines the duration and the suitability in different working conditions. Some workstations exhibit higher temperatures than others do while some have a higher prevalence of chemical exposure. Others are custom made to handle specific equipment, products, and machines. You may, therefore, need to buy more than one set for each person if they may need to change the working environment. If you are planning to get some gloves for your staff, you may consider the top rated brands such as:

Basic Metacarpal Gloves - 6 Pack

The objective to keep everyone from injury is a goal that most oil and gas companies are yet to actualize. The reality is that oil and gas drilling exposes you to onsite risks such as pinching injuries, abrasions, lacerations and blunt force. As of 2010, studies estimated the cost of hand injuries at about $21,918 covering medical expenses and indemnity. However, you can avert such occurrences with Metacarpal Gloves that offers sufficient shield.

The gloves come with a synthetic leather palm reinforced with the carbon leather increases the strength with black rubber finger protectors increasing safety. With most working in poorly lit environment, the silver reflective stripes and the orange nylon, back improves the visibility at work, reducing the possibility of hitting the hands. The bright colors lower the possibility of losing the gloves in the sites that could call for new purchases. Available in packs of six, you can rest assured of working comfort enhanced by the adjustable Velcro closure.

Industrial lined Impact Glove with Hi-Viz

The types of injuries sustained by the oil and gas workers have spurred unique designs of gloves for specific protection. For instance, the industrial lined impact glove is made to protect the hands against blunt force inflicted by the falling objects and moving machines. With robust and resilient pigskin leather, the gloves dry soft after coming into contact with water. The water resistant nylon fabric back and the temperature rating of 30 to -10 degrees makes them suitable for drilling in offshore rigs where water and ice are common phenomena.

As the rigs get deep, workers need gloves with the ability to maintain heat. The weather keeps thermal lining and the snug knit wrist comes in handy towards tapping and maintaining adequate warmth. When it comes to impact protection, the gear comes with bright orange molded PVC pieces on the backside, and a highly visible color to prevent loss.

Cestus Waterproof Temp Series Insulated Metacarpal Glove

In a sector full of hydrocarbons and oil spillages, you probably want some gloves that stay for days without cleaning to suit the long working shifts. Cestus Waterproof Temp Series comes with additional features that offer oil and water resistance. With the brand, you do not have to worry about the spillages or the splashing water common when drilling in the sea.

With a non-pulling and fast drying microsable, cut resistant membrane and Kevlar thread palm stitching, the gloves offer additional protection and durability. The membrane insert is not only waterproof but also well ventilated while the two-way stretch material comes in handy to enhance flexibility. As if not enough, the gauntlet cuff and the curved fingers offer comfort for the fingers.

Flame-resistant cotton gloves

The Flame-resistant cotton gloves provide adequate protection against heat and burns. The brand features two Fire resistant layers of 100% cotton cord fabric, reinforced to reduce wear and give ample insulation at work. The knit wrist keeps the gloves stuck to the hands keeping out foreign materials while the Clute formation and cotton fabric provides comfort and flexibility. Talking of additional cover, it c0omes with a cotton canvas material that protects against abrasion and grime. In matters compliance, it meets the ASTM D6413-08 for frame resistance hence suitable for warehouses, light fabrication, and general use.

Cowhide Unlined Metacarpal Gloves

In case you are looking for reliable protection against blunt force, oil and gas, safety supply offer the cowhide unlined metacarpal gloves. The hired elastic back provides better flexibility while the keystone thumb gives adequate grip on slippery surfaces. Other than comfort and durability, it is probably one of the most affordable at its category, hence suitable across all subsectors.

The OGSS Metacarpal Gloves

While safety takes precedence in selecting gloves, one cannot wish away the need for comfortable wear. With impact protection and soft neoprene wrist cuff, OGSS Metacarpal Gloves are undoubtedly the ultimate solution to giving you protection and comfort in one pack. The silicon reinforcement offers extra grip on slippery areas while the synthetic leather palms and rubber back assures higher durability and flexibility.

Ringer’s waterproof MetaCarpal Glove

Working on oil rigs exposes people to freezing temperatures and extra hot conditions depending on the location. For this reason, your staff needs gloves that offer insulation against freezing temperatures as well as protection against hot temperatures. This brand comes with super cuff design, cut resistance, and padded palm to enhance stability, grip, and coziness. In areas familiar with slips and falls, the gear offers grip insulin system on the palm that provides resistance against spilling oils.

Waterproof cold weather glove

Specifically designed for use in cold weather, the brand features an aquanaut waterproof lining; mirax1 synthetic leather palms and heat keep full stock thermal lining. It is, therefore, suitable for those working in onshore drilling where the temperatures approach 0 degrees and for regions that experience icing during winter. You can use the rubber hook and the pull strap to prevent foreign materials from getting into the hands, and the best of all, clean using a washing machine.

Full dipped Ninja Ice Glove

With inadequate cover against cold, working in the ocean rigs can be challenging to workers health. Having equipped your team with warm FR clothing, consider the full dipped ninja ice glove that comes with a 5-gauge nylon shell, knit wrist, and two layer liners to improve warmth. Other than cold and safety protection, the gloves are treated with fresh to promote a bacteria free environment.  The hpt coating provides grip in both wet and dry conditions and remains soft at temperatures between -50 C and -58 F.

Palmer glove

Other than providing safety against cutting objects, falling equipment, fire, and water, there is need to ensure the crew lifts cargo without exposing their hands to injuries. The Palmer gloves are custom made to provide lift safety, cut, and puncture and abrasion protection. The mix of cotton and polyester fabric and the Nitrile-dipped palm improves grip and comfort. 

Michael Snyder
Michael Snyder