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Top Ten Safety Glasses

safety glasses

Working in oil and gas industry remains one of the riskiest environment owing to the kind of tasks involved and materials handled. In some operations, the silica levels and chemical exposure, and heat exposure are likely to cause permanent injuries to the eyes and hence the need for high-quality gear. Oil fracking rigs and oil sands operations were found to have higher levels of airborne respirable silica. Based on past studies, safety glasses prevents up to 90% of all eye injuries hence necessary tool for the industry. With numerous suppliers available, one needs to get the set that meets OSHA requirements and provides maximum comfort to the users. A polycarbonate frame comes in handy in preventing possible fog build up and damages on the goggles while at work.

Depending on the type of task involved, and the level of exposure, you may need more than one type of safety glasses. In lieu with that, it is vital to identify the varying levels of exposure and provide those that suit specific conditions. Well, ventilated designs help in controlling fog build up, that may impair the workers sight while adjustable glasses help a fit majority of your staff. It pays off to try several versions at the real stations before buying to ensure full protection and comfort.

While most claim to provide durable glasses, safety glasses are prone to damage, and hence will not last forever. However, they ought to serve the primary goal of protecting the eyes from projectiles, small particles, and chemicals. Continuous exposure to such particles reduces the frame strength and the clarity of the lenses prompting the need for replacements. For this reason, avoid the cheap plastic that compromises the employee safety and needs frequent replacements.

If you are looking forward to buying safety glasses, oil, and gas, safety supply is a one-stop shop for a broad range of glasses that suits varying applications in the oil sector. All the brands available are meet the ANSI Z87 requirements that users can confirm through the code marked on the glasses’ frames. Consider those that come with zero distortion lenses as opposed to the recycled resins that feature poor designs, yellow lenses, and intense distortion. High quality goggles not only save your costs but also allow wearing for long hours without causing eyestrains.

Whether you are shopping for the workers glasses or visitors, you need to capture the varying needs of the intended users. For instance, users with prescription spectacles need special features that accommodate their spectacles without limiting their vision. Others may include bifocal lenses that eliminate the need for you to wear prescription glasses at work. While some may opt for the replaceable lenses as they tend to give huge savings associated with buying the complete sets. If you are still on the lookout for the top rated safety glasses in the oil and gas industry, consider the following:

Khor Safety Glasses

Explosions and falls are the most common causes of incidences in the oil companies. With some arising from impaired vision, there is a need for you to equip your workers with clear yet comfortable glasses. KHOR Safety glasses are not only lightweight but also versatile to enhance maximum durability, without exposing the users to the high risk of contact. The gloss nylon frame makes the light, comfortable, and flexible allowing easy adjustments while at work, without straining the skull.

If you are working in areas with high light intensity, the glasses offers more than 99.9 UV rays protection, hence keeping you safe from light injuries. The soft TPR temple tips attached at the nose edges and enhances comfort and hence usability for long hours. The glasses come in varying colors that suit changing working conditions and hence applicable in both onshore and offshore rigging.

Bifocal Zorge Clear Safety Glasses

Oil rigs are known for the limited working spaces and the cold weather that deteriorates as the rigs get deep. Maintaining a clear sight for the workers improves their working efficiency and lowers the possibility of incidences. With clear lenses and powerful magnification ability, bifocal Zorge Clear safety glasses help work in areas with limited lighting. The gloss black nylon frame comes in a pending design that lowers the impact on the lenses. The soft TPR temple tips come in handy to reducing irritation on the nose, while the lenses are made to provide sufficient protection against UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Additionally, you are rest assured of compliance as the glasses meets ANSI Z87.1 impact standards.

Alias Safety Glasses

With most users placing significant focus on the safety features, there is need for a shift towards comfort and style. If you are looking to move from the conventional designs, Alias Safety glasses comes with optically precise polycarbonate lenses that gives full view and style. The glasses offer medium fit and coverage thanks to the TR-90 Frame construction that comes with soft rubber temple and nose bridge. As if not enough, the lenses exceed the UV rays while the impact protection meets OSHA requirements.

Anti-Fog Carhartt Rockwood Safety Glasses

Unlike the onshore rigs, offshore rigs involve working under extreme cold conditions where fog is a common occurrence. Fog accumulation on the safety glasses lowers the user’s ability to view the working equipment, increasing the risk of accidents. However, the anti-fog Carhartt Rockwood glasses are made to prevent fog build up on the lens. The suspended anti-fog lens, with an adjustable nosepiece and soft temple tips gives clarity and comfort in one pack. The scratch free polycarbonate lens offers full protection against UV rays.

Dukura Safety Glasses

Like other eyewear products from oil and gas safety supplies, DUKURA safety glasses are highly protective and comfortable to wear. The glasses are made to last for years with additional features meant to enhance the style. The soft TPR Temple and the rubberized nylon frame come in handy to enhance flexibility. You do not have to look like a goof thanks to the patented frame design.

Ossa Fits over Safety Glasses

People working on the oilrigs have to endure long working hours of between 8 hours and 12 hours every shift. With a significant number of people working in the sector with prescription glasses, Ossa fits over safety glasses suits all types of spectacles. The polycarbonate matte black frame comes with varying shades of lenses that suit varying types of working environments. The frame does not only cushion for additional comfort but also prevent tangling.

Goliath Safety Glasses

When it comes to buying protective gear, most companies are looking for durable yet affordable gear that gives sufficient shield to their staff. With Goliath Safety Glasses, you are rest assured of permanent sets thanks to the scratch free polycarbonate lens that shield the eyes against UV light. The comfort fit and rubber temples are made to reduce the glasses from slipping. Other than the widespread use in the working environment, they are suitable for a broad range of sporting activities.

Furix Safety Glasses

Size is a key consideration when it comes to buying safety glasses. The fact that you cannot buy one size for all does not translate to buying customized sizes and designs for all. With the Furix Safety glasses, you do not have to make customized orders as the warp-around sunglass style fits almost all facial sizes and shapes. The lightweight frame, integrated nosepiece and the scratch resistant lens gives resilience, coziness, and protection.

Worker bee safety glasses

Other than quality and protection, one cannot wish away the aspect of cost when sourcing for glasses. The worker bee safety glasses come with impact resistant polycarbonate lens that gives maximum shield against UV rays. The brand fits over most of the prescription glasses, with the scratch resistant coating on the lens increasing resilience. At just $2.99 per piece, companies are sure to make massive savings.

Nemesis V30 Safety Glasses

Having recorded the highest number of occupational incidents over the last few decades, discussions around safety are not likely to vanish. For this reason, every player is keen on making lasting investments to mitigate accidents. When it comes to eye protection, Nemesis V30 Safety glasses guarantees long-term comfort with flexible and lightweight versions. The glasses come with integrated ridges to drive away sweat, hard-coated lenses, and soft touch temples.


Michael Snyder
Michael Snyder