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A look at the History of Ariat’s Products


A look at the History of Ariat’s Products

It is common to judge a company by the present status and hence forego the struggles involved in setting up a successful enterprise. In every industry, it takes time for a company to tailor its brands to secure sufficient market share. It is no wonder most of the world leading companies have been in businesses for several decades, with some counting centuries in operations. While that is easier to mention, most have fallen several times while some had to endure losses to achieve stability. Nevertheless, resilience brings growth and expansion as most enterprises have grown a hundred folds.

The History of Ariat

In general, industry, the drive towards achieving a safe working environment is overwhelming. From racing to oil and gas operations, the need to equip the participants with PPE led to inventions that gave a better cushion against accidents. On the other hand, numerous companies sprung up to serve the emerging demand to produce high-quality FR clothing, safety glasses, Gloves, Headgear and gas monitors among others. While some companies began operations more than a century ago, Ariat boasts of close to three decades in producing these garments.

Established by Beth Cross and Pam Parker in 1993, Ariat came to bridge the gap for the riders who lacked adequate PPE for their sports. The company is predominantly known for the riding boots, which makes it the largest supplier of English, and Western Performance Boots brand in America. By 1995, the company had revolutionized the riding boots by introducing athletic shoe technology to the boots category. In addition, it managed to make prototypes of high-quality boots with increased safety features and tested with riders across the nation.

The first five years saw the introduction of the first two riding boots for women that featured advanced technology competitor and Performer. The Advanced Torque Stability technology improved the brand appeal as the comfort leader in the equestrian boots. Towards the end of the first decade, Ariat launched Excel cushioning technology designed to improve the support for the athletes. In addition, the period saw the business expand its coverage into the European and Australian markets, thanks to the Ariat Cascade brand.

From 2001 to 2005, the enterprise launched the Cobalt Technology that gave a new level of cushioning, increased stability and support. The V3 and the CFS technology came a long way towards improving the fit and feel of the footwear. In matters sponsorships, the company is known for sponsoring Professional Bull Riders, the World Equestrian Games in Lexington and Kentucky.

The entry into performance woven tops and shirts announced the company’s entry into the FR clothing scene. Soon after the introduction of the Cobalt XR and Cobalt Quantum technologies, the firm started, Ariat Denim that defined became a household name in the oil and gas sector. The company’s operations coincided with increased oil exploration activities that in turn, raised the demand for Flame resistant clothing. Today, Ariat stands tall in the production and supply of FR clothing brands such as:

Ariat FR Button-down Shirt

If you have worked in the oil and gas industry, you probably understand the nature of the products and the potential risk that each carry. The highly combustible elements require adequate installations to reduce the possibility of a fire outbreak. Nonetheless, you cannot leave your workers to deal with possible outbreaks without an adequate cushion. Ariat FR button down shirt comes in handy towards preventing the impact of explosions.

The lightweight flame-resistant shirt works best in areas with relative warmth, or during warm seasons. The button down from makes it easy to put on and off at the rigs, with the soft FR twills giving comfort to the wearer. Available in varying shades, you may opt for the fashionable shirt in almost all areas of the oil and gas sector. Consider embroidering the shirt with the company logo or customize it to suit specific needs.

Ariat FR Crew Long Sleeve Shirt

Working in the oil sector can be tiresome owing to the kind of tasks involves limited working spaces and extreme weather conditions. With most crew working for long hours and shifts in the oilrigs, excess heat can be a perfect recipe for lower productivity and incidents. In such instances, lightweight PPE remains the ultimate solution to workers safety and comfort. With Ariat FR crew long sleeved Shirt; you can rest assured of protection against flames without affecting the comfort of the crew.

The shirt comes with the Raglan aesthetic style sleeves that enhance natural motion, with additional features to pull moisture outside. The crew neck shirt comes with a stunning design enhanced by contrasting stitch colors. You probably need a garment that helps manage sweat when working in warm temperatures.

Ariat FR Plaid Work Shirt

Initially, the PPE used in the oil and gas industry paid little focus to the aesthetic value of the garments. With numerous suppliers in the modern market, the trend seems to have changed significantly, as the firms seek to modify the image. Ariat FR Plaid Work Shirt is a true definition of modern style that makes it suitable for field and office work. The flame resistant clothing offers excellent protection against flash fires thanks to self-extinguishing features that lowers burn injuries.

The dark shades reduce the stain visibility while the lightweight fabric gives comfort at the workplace. Users can match the shirts with pants of their choice depending on specific requirements of the workstation. With the considerable level of bending expected at the oil and gas workstations, the shirt is made to stay tucked in while offering higher flexibility for the arm mobility.

Ariat M4 Low Rise FR jeans

When it comes to PPE, Ariat comes first in providing high-quality Footwear, FR shirts, and pants for oil workers. The jeans cover the top of most steel toe and metatarsal footwear giving full protection against piercing and chemical materials. You can also tuck the, inside the boots when working in wet conditions and snowy areas. Other than use in the oil and pipeline stations, you can move from the workplace to a restaurant or perhaps wear it on a weekend.

Ariat M4 Low Rise FR jeans come with a boot cut leg opening with lightweight fabric enhancing tacking and sanding. The extra deep front pockets help in holding small working tools and personal valuable while at work. The heavy duty Zippers, the cotton denim fabric makes, and the stitches improve the durability of the pants.

Ariat FR Polartec ¼ Zip Fleece Sweatshirt

For the oil and gas workers, extreme weather conditions seem everyday occurrences in their workplaces. Drilling in the offshore rigs exposes the crew to cold temperatures that cause not only discomfort but also illnesses. Nevertheless, it is hard to wish away the possibility of weather fluctuations in the oil refineries and hence the need for PPE that provides comfort at varying temperatures. Ariat FR Polartec ¼ Zip Fleece Sweatshirt comes with water and wind resistance features making the suitable for offshore rigs and night shifts.

The water resistant finish keeps the hood dry when working in the rainy or snowy stations, with the front hand warmer keeping your hands warm during winter. The NFPA compliant garment features the Polartec Wind Pro technology that allows natural sweat management. Users need not apply special detergents or fabric softeners when cleaning the hood.

Ariat FR Polartec ¼ Zip Workshirt

To lower the costs of PPE, players in the oil and gas industry are keen on garments that one can use in varying conditions. With Ariat FR Polartec ¼ Zip Work shirt, they need not worry about the extreme cold and heat at the station. The lightweight, moisture-wicking and breathable shirt keeps you cool on warm seasons and warm during cold seasons. The inseam design facilitates flexible arm movements without untucking the shirt.

Michael Snyder
Michael Snyder