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A Look at the History of Wrangler Products

wrangler cowboys

Every business has a history and a story of the path that led to success. Oil and gas safety supplies pride in high-quality PPE that gives adequate protection against workplace incidents, without digging deep into the pocket of the buyers. Behind the company is a bunch of suppliers and manufacturers whose brands have stood the test of time in the oil and gas sector and beyond. In fact, most of these companies have been in the product for over a century, giving the edge to provide quality that meets regulatory requirements. It explains the mystery behind the durable yet affordable PPE supplied by the stores.

The history of Wrangler

The company began in 1897 when C.C Hudson exited Spring Hill Farm in search for better fortunes in the growing textile industry. His destination was in Greensboro, NC, that attracted players in the textile industry. At first, he worked for an overall factory that paid him 25 cents every day on sewing buttons for the sewn overalls. After seven years, the enterprise closed business-forcing employees out of employment. He was part of the group that bought the sewing machines from the employer and began an overall company that operated from a loft.

By 1919, the company faced a rising demand that gave enough revenue to move to larger premises while changing its name to Blue Bell Overall Company. The increasing sales did not only attract workers to the firm but also other manufacturers that expressed the desire to own a stake in the business. After series of negotiations, Big Ben Manufacturing bought Blue Bell and retained its name and headquarters in Greensboro. Ten years after the merger, Blue Bell launched the Super Big Ben Overalls that featured 100% Sanforized fabric. The material was known to lower shrinkage to less than one percent and hence established a new target for the sector.

In 1943, Blue bell purchased Casey Jones Company with all the rights to its brand name-Wrangler. Four years after acquiring the work-clothing firm, Wrangler introduced authentic western jeans by tailor Rodeo to the Market. The brands gained endorsements from professional rodeo cowboys Jim shoulders, freckles Brown, and Linderman. The world champion Cowboy, Jim shoulders officially endorsed Wrangler in 1948 and went ahead to win 16 world championships. In 1962, the company embarked on an expansion spree where it opened the Europe brand in Belgium.

Having begun to use Sanforized 14oz.denim in the western jeans, they made history for being the first to get an official endorsement from Rodeo cowboy association. On the other hand, the firm extended the corporate social responsibility by sponsoring a professional driver, Dale Earnhardt and blue and yellow. The merger with VF Corporation made them one of the largest jeans producers in the world and earned them supply contracts for the casts of the Pure Country. It later launched the Twenty X jeans and moved into new premises situated In North Elm Street, Greensboro.

By the end of the twentieth century, the company had grown to become the market leader with a market share of about 25%.  With increasing concerns over workers safety in the manufacturing and construction sectors, it moved in to solve related safety risks. The year 2003 saw the business introduce new brands namely the Wrangler Progear and the Riggs Workwear, which found widespread acceptance in the US market. Lately, the firm is known the high-quality jeans that feature authentic innovations meant to increase resilience and comfort. Some of the PPE found in the oil and gas subsector include:

Wrangler FR Relax fit jean

Over the years, companies relied on overalls to provide safety to staffs working in hazardous sites. The need to match specific tasks with appropriate dress code saw a rise in varying types of PPE that apply in a different environment. Wrangler FR Relax fit jean came as a reprieve for those whose tasks did not pose direct contact with oil substances but still was at risk of incidents emanating from these compounds. The FR fit jeans come with a sturdy material designed to withstand any working environment in the oil and gas sector.

It is made to fit over the user’s boots and hence complete coverage during fire incidents, falls, and trips. The triple needle FR stitching on the edges works to strengthen the seams and hence enhance durability. The Riggs Workwear offers better features concerning seat comfort, knees, thighs, and legs opening. The extra deep pockets on the front and oversized back pockets give enough space to keep personal valuables such as wallets and phones while at work. The bright orange patch at the back offers high visibility when working in dark stations.

Wrangler FR Western Jean

Working in hot conditions requires lightweight garments that promote aeration and heat loss. The brand is made with the firm’s quality and detail to provide comfort and protection in a single pack. The lightweight FR material gives a smooth feeling when bending, boarding and alighting in a truck and lifting cargo. With a 100% cotton denim, you do not have to use special detergents or fabric softeners when washing the garments.

Wrangler FR Carpenter Pants

While working on the rigs seems engaging, you probably need to spend several hours of your day in meetings and site planning. In such moments, heavy clothing and overalls are not suitable and hence the need for Wrangler FR Carpenter Pants. The relaxed fit garment fits over steel toe working boots eliminating possible exposure to chemicals, sharp objects, and fire. Made from 100% FFR cotton, you are rest assured of sufficient protection against adverse effects of fire and hydrocarbon spillages. Working in hazardous environments requires pants that give support when you are bending, or climbing with tools in the pockets. 

Wrangler FR Women’s Western Jean

Traditionally, male technicians dominated the oil and gas industry with only a few women working in some of the business outfits. Nonetheless, the latter’s involvement in the sector has been on the rise attracting equal focus from the PPE manufacturers. Wrangler FR Women’s Western Jean features FR material that meets CAT2, ATPV 21, NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112 standards.

The pants come in varying sizes and shades based on the employee’s size and the factory’s theme. The five-pocket design offers space to keep private valuables and tools while the FR patch keeps you visible from other people and moving trucks and machinery. Unlike the previous models, it comes with a W sign on the back pockets to improve its appeal. Cleaning the PPE with fabric softeners forms a layer on the FR material that serves as fuel during fire outbreaks. Nonetheless, consider treating the pants with stains before cleaning.

Wranglers Women’s button down shirt

Based on previous surveys, the oil and gas companies contribute the highest number of worksite injuries. It is for this reason that the industry attracted stiff regulations to promote employees safety and eliminate workplace incidents. With many requirements set out in the safety acts, it might seem primitive to assume that the interventions are sufficient to assure permanent solution to employee safety. Continues assessments come in handy towards developing innovative safety gear for specific risks.

Wranglers Women’s button down shirt emerged come with Lightweight FR material that offers comfort and safety against fire explosions. Built to fit women’s bodies, users can choose from varying shades of bright colors that give a sense of style and fashion. It helps cool during warm temperatures and hence suitable for those working in the field and offices. You can match the shirt with respective pant brands and enjoy the durability that comes with Wrangler’s FR clothing.

Michael Snyder
Michael Snyder