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Cestus Armored Gloves

The risks of working in the oil and gas industry are conspicuous. Working in the sector entails heavy equipment, chains, pipes and tools all day with oil and the byproducts creating a wet working environment. Despite numerous efforts and increased awareness campaigns done on the workers, the volume of the injuries seems to be on the rise. It is a trend that most players consider permanent owing to the inherent features of the products and the working environment.

With severe explosions and fatalities hitting headlines every day, numerous injuries occur to the crew but fail to catch a public eye. Surprisingly, more than half of all reported injuries involve the hands or the fingers. A study conducted between 2009 and 2013 found that fingers, wrists, and hand injuries contributed 20% of all body parts injured in the oil and gas sub-sector. Cuts stand at 7% of all injuries in the industry and 13% of the severe incidents. Chemical exposure can cause adverse skin damage while flash fires cause burns and loss of lives to the victims.

A single injury is likely to cost a company more than $21,000 in hospital fees and compensations. As if not enough workers take a few days before return to light duties, and months before they resuming to regular duties. During this period, companies have to recruit and train new workers as well as replace the broken equipment and safety gear for the new persons. At the end of the exercise, some companies have reported a staggering $120,000 in indirect costs that translated to a daily margin of $5000.

In the worst circumstance, the injuries can cut short a career or cause partial of full dysfunction. While there is a need to shield the company from such litigations, the effects go beyond the economic damages. Colleagues of the injured employees are likely to empathize with the victim affecting their motivation towards meeting the business objectives. A perception that their partner was poorly treated is likely to dig deep the situation increasing the possibility of recurrence. If the incidents increase, oil companies may have to deal with higher insurance costs.

The ancient innovations

Some of the safety products used in the modern industry are just a few years old. As for Cestus gloves, they brand traces its origin in the old boxing activities. The first gloves featured leather strips that were fitted with iron plates, blades and spikes and hence used as weapons. The brand derived its name from a Latin word that means “to strike.” Over the years, the gloves evolved in design and materials to suit the changing boxing needs and to fit varying uses.

The first ever Cestus gloves found featured in the ancient boxing championships in Greece. They were made of bands of rawhide that covered the under palm leaving the fingers exposed. As the gloved gained prominence, the Greeks improved the version into a product that featured small metal balls in the leather. The version served more than just the initial purpose of protecting the hands from the impact, as it could inflict pain on the opponents.

The rise of the Roman gladiator’s competition saw an increased adoption of Cestus gloves. However, the Roman gloves were different in style and featured additional materials to suit their games. The Roman Cestus came with straps of varying lengths with some covering the elbow to prevent it from the heavy blows. Cestus fighters competed against armed gladiators, often slaves, who were forced to fight to the death. While cestus fighters often faced defeats from the other gladiators, a single blow from the Cestus fighter was enough to incapacitate the gladiator.

The modern production

Amid a rich history of use of these gloves in different fields, Cestus boasts of more than 30 years in providing gloves and PPE to the modern industry. The company has redefined protection for the oil and gas sector with better impact hand protection and thick grip. It explains the recent waves safety visible in the mining fields, refineries, oil and gas transport and the general industry. Guided by passion and determination, the company assures users of ergonomic yet comfortable gloves that keep fit and functional under different conditions.

Since establishment, the firm has seen increased adoption of its brands from across the globes. The company’s headquarters at Pacific Northwest out of Portland, OR serves to ensure the brands reach the work sites that need the PPE. In a sector that is striving towards achieving a zero hand/finger related incidents; more players are settling for the ergonomic precision, top-quality protection materials, intelligent designs, and compliant brands. Some of the brands available at the oil and gas safety supplies include:

Cestus waterproof temp series insulated metacarpal glove

In matters safety, there is no definite way to prevent hand-related injuries in the workstations. Every approach contributes immensely to the success of the others. For instance, use of PPE is not sufficient without adequate training on the utilization of the right PPE and the proper mode of application. Enforcement plays a significant role in ensuring the technicians adhere to the safety regulations hence eliminating the possibility of negligence-related incidents. Specially designed hand gloves limit the severity of hand injuries in the event of an injury.

Cestus waterproof temp series insulated metacarpal glove is an exact definition of hand protection that stands the test of time. The gear offers cut resistant level 3 protection keeping users hands safe from piercing objects, pricking tools and sharp moving parts of the machine. The oil resistant cover features a soft faux fur lining to provide ample warmth when working in the freezing conditions without increasing the sweating rate during warm temperatures.

The PVC dotted grid palms improves the grip when working in wet areas while the curved fingers lower the level of strain when working for long hours. The waterproof yet breathable membrane insert keep your hands dry when working on the offshore rigs, as well as prevents sweating during hot seasons. The Kevlar thread stitching and the two-way stretch material improve durability and flexibility respectively. Additionally, an extended gauntlet cuff prevents possible slipping that would expose you to injuries.

Cestus waterproof insulated metacarpal glove

When it comes to selecting the appropriate work gloves, quality becomes imperative towards enhancing safety and durability. Cestus gloves come in handy towards preventing the oil workers from different forms of incidents. Available at the oil and gas safety supplies, the PPE comes with additional features that give better protection without compromising the ability to handle complex tasks. Some are made to withstand extreme weather conditions and hence prevent freezing and overheating in equal measure.

Cestus waterproof insulated metacarpal glove features an extra lax fur lining that gives warmth during winter as well as when working in deep wells. In addition, it comes with oil, heat, and chemical resistant features that keep you safe from skin damage and burns. The PVC dotted grid palm, and the cut resistant level 3 comes in handy towards improving the grip and shield against cuts. The brand comes with a two-way stretch material for better flexibility and Kevlar thread stitches for higher durability. As if not enough, the breathable and waterproof membrane insert ensures comfort at different conditions.

Cestus deep grip Kool glove

As workers dread the hazardous conditions, it is vital to provide sufficient protection against various forms of injuries. Impact remains the most popular and perhaps the most difficult to prevent, as it requires materials. Cestus deep grip Kool glove comes with impact resistant material at the back of the fingers, metacarpals, thumb and the fingertips. The skid-x grip offers water and oil resistance while increasing grip control in wet and oil surfaces. Ain addition it comes with fewer layers to ensure comfort during hot weather.

Michael Snyder
Michael Snyder