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Ringers’ Gloves

Ringers’ Gloves

Every workplace is a domesticated war field that keeps hands on the front line. This is more evident in the oil and gas industry that remains one of the most hazardous working areas in the world. The past-recorded incident shows that hand injuries contributed up to 50% of all accidents in the oil and gas subsector. A survey conducted in 2014 found that finger and hand injuries contributed to 43% of all accidents that occurred in oil rigs, which was an increase from previous years. For this reason, the oil companies are keen on strategies aimed at improving workers safety against such incidences.

In 1992, Kenney Dolenak established Ringers Gloves after inventing the first ever brand the mechanics. They enterprise later extended its coverage to making hand protections for different forms of tasks. Most professional racers made the products their safety gear of choice owing to the wide range of choice provided. With the rising concerns of hand safety in the oil and gas industry, the company devised several brands for the rigging crew and other staffs in the sector.

Ringers Gloves manufactures and supplies task specific and high-quality gloves for varying industries. The need for extreme reliability drives the firm’s dedication towards maintaining superior artistry that suits client’s needs. Since inception, the company has launched a string of innovations that came to serve specific market gaps, while setting the bar for the industry. As an industry leader, it keeps raising the standards of what safety gloves should give to the users.

The firm boasts of a highly trained and experienced hand safety experts and approved distributors across America, Europe, Russia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East. Of all the suppliers, the oil and gas safety supplies remain on the forefront towards providing high-quality gloves for the oil and gas workers. For about 20 years, the firm continues to give better cushion aimed at helping prevent at least 30-40% of all accidents arising from the weak grip. Regardless of the industry, you will always get a product that keeps your staff’s hands safe from injury.

Other than manufacturing, the enterprise recognizes the great role it has on educating clients on the essence of getting the right gloves for specific applications. The firm creates awareness on the products specifications required to protect workers at different environment while expounding on the glove performance ratings for cut, tear, abrasion resistance and puncture. As if not enough, it champions general safety tips by correlating industry trends with the national average.

Every year, about 75% of all industrial accidents that cause disability affect the hands. While some are inevitable, some arise from wearing the wrong type of gloves or using none while handling risky tasks. It starts with reducing exposures to avoidable risks by eradicating hands on tasks where possible through engineering tasks. Understanding the needs of the crew and the industry requirements helps in acquiring gloves that give comfort, protection, and performance. In case you need adequate hand protection for your workers, consider the following:

Ringer’s Roughneck Kevloc Metacarpal glove

Human hands contain the highest number of nerve endings than any other part of the body. When subjected to injury, fingers injury are more painful than other body parts and hence the need to keep them safe from chemicals, vibration, burns, bruises, heat, punctures, colds, breaks, and amputations among others. The Ringer’s Roughneck Kevloc Metacarpal glove is the ultimate solution for those working in the oil and gas companies.

Enhanced with Ringer’s technology, the gloves come with Kevloc grip features on the palms and fingers to enhance grip. The CE rated 43434 level 3 puncture and cut resistance features offers protection against sharp projects and faulty machinery. The high visibility colors lower the risk of crush by moving machines and other crew when working in the dark places. The tpr impact protection on the upper side and the length of the fingers protect the fingers from heat and cold. The extra neoprene wrist closure comes with super cuff technology that holds it in position.

Ringer’s roughneck FR glove

Different workstations come with varying level of risk of incidents. In areas with low risk of injuries requires less protection than those identified as high-risk areas. Ringer’s roughneck FR glove offers ample protection against fire burns and injuries. The black carbon fabric keeps the hands warm during winter with the palm pittards fire block enhancing the grip. They are also lightweight to provide warmth without causing discomfort to the user. The elastic cuff helps keep the gloves in position preventing possible exposure to cutting objects.

Ringer’s waterproof Metacarpal glove

When it comes to working on offshore rigs, water splashes are a common occurrence in the workstations. In a bid to keep your staff safe and comfortable, waterproof PPE comes in handy towards keeping hands dry. The Ringer’s waterproof Metacarpal glove features a waterproof barrier that prevents contact with water. With a cut resistance rating of level 2, your hands remain safe from pricking objects and cutting edges. The highly visible color-codes helps others view the users at a distance hence prevent possible collisions and knocks.

In an industry where oil leaks are inherent on the pipelines, it is hard to rule out the possibility of slips emanating from weak grips. Slips are known to cause dangerous falls, falling objects and caught in. The insuloc grip features on the palms increase resistance against slippery oils and hydrocarbons. A padded palm improves its holding capacity while the super cuff design lowers the need for varying sizes.

Ringer’s Waterproof metacarpal glove

Other than working in confined spaces, oil and gas exploration exposes staff to extreme temperatures, wet conditions, and tight areas. Training your workers on safety procedures helps your team keep safe while providing them with the right PPE protects them from the unexpected. Both remain integral towards achieving a safe working environment for the crew. As much as you need to reach safety, comfort plays a significant role in improving productivity.

The Ringer’s Waterproof metacarpal glove gives a rare balance between safety and comfort. The insulation cover helps prevent freezing when working in deep rigs where temperatures go below -20 degrees. The tpr impact shield covering the fingers and the upper part of the gear give additional protection with the cut resistance material fortifying the hands. The insuloc grip system prevents possible slides with waterproof features keeping you dry.

Ringer’s roughneck vented Kevlock Metacarpal glove

While there’s need to keep your hands warm, a rise in temperature is likely to cause sweating and discomfort to the glove wearer.  The Ringer’s roughneck vented Kevlock Metacarpal glove keeps you warm during cold weather and cool during summer. The double Kevlar stitched palm, and the Kevloc grip system keeps your hands in good position while enhancing durability. The neoprene wrist closure holds the gloves in place with the high visibility colors preventing possible incidents.

In a bid to avoid possible fractures, it features the tpr impact prevention for the fingers and the top of the palm. The vented mesh material on the upper part enhances air circulation, which prevents overheating during hot temperatures. The CE rated 4343; level 3 puncture and cut resistance gives your hands ample cover against sharp tools and moving edges.

Ringer’s roughneck knit cut 5 sandy nitrile dip glove

While most players are keen to prevent skin cuts and fractures at the workplace, the risk of fire demands sufficient protection against burns. However, the need to protect against fire should not demean the need to enhance grip on the slippery surfaces. Ringer’s roughneck knit cut 5 sandy nitrile dip glove is a one-stop solution for job site incidents occurring in the oil and gas sector. The gloves feature a soft nitrile foam dip, breathable knit shell, superiors grip and excellent dexterity for varying working environments.

Michael Snyder
Michael Snyder