Flame Resistant Coveralls with Leg Zippers Gray

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Cover Clothing. FR Suit. Affordable.

  • Flame resistant fabric 
  • Leg zippers for easy on, easy off
  • Action back for mobility
  • Elastic waist coverall
  • Cuffs with 2 position snap closure

 Flame ResistantNFPA 2112 CompliantNFPA 70E CompliantCAT 2HRC 2

Industry Usage

This flame resistant coverall or work wear suit will cover your existing FR clothing to protect you from dirt, grease, and other contaminants. Wear alone to protect your entire body from head to toe from the rough hazardous environments on natural gas or oil drilling rig locations. The fire resistant light weight FR cotton fabric is idea as primary or secondary layer of clothing. 

FR coverall suits made from strong cotton blends are durable and the leg zipper makes taking this garment on or off, a much easier task. You might not even have to remove your work boots. Whether you are working on an natural gas or oil drilling rig, getting the site prepared for drilling, or you are part of the fracking crew, choose a quality affordable flame resistant coverall suit.

Whether your truck is your office or you spend the day bending, kneeling, or lifting, try these affordable - not cheap, FR coverall suits. Oil and Gas Safety Supply brand is a leader in flame resistant clothing for the Marcellus Shale crews.

FR Features

Flex your arms with ease since this light weight FR coverall has an action back for wider range of motion. The elastic waist gives you the range of bending and squatting and the coverall will still protect you. Twelve inch leg zippers are added to the bottom of each leg to allow for open and closing when you are trying to put this coverall on over your steel toe work boots. 

The front or back of this coverall can be embroidered with your company's logo, or even add an American flag to the arm. Customization on fire resistant clothing can be easy with Oil & Gas Safety Supply clothing. 

The risk of flash fire on location is real and this coverall can decrease the risk of burn injury, when compared to other traditional workwear. OSHA's requirements for flame resistant or flash fire retardant clothing are represented by the standards written by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency). This garment meets all requirements for the petrochemical industry (pipeline, drilling, fracking, dirt work, inspections, etc).

FR Safety Spec's
  • 7 oz : 100% Cotton
  • Ratings for flame retardant or flash fire:
  • CAT 2
  • ATPV 9
  • NFPA 70E
  • NFPA 2112 
Clothing Care

FR apparel does not require special detergents but you should never use fabric softeners. This may coat the fiber and mask flame resistant performance. It may also serve as fuel in case of combustion.

Pre-treat any stains in the clothing and never use Chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or starch.

You can dry clean this flame resistant garment.